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Kitchen Must Haves: Cupcake Molds

Funny shaped cakes!

As silicone bakeware is all the rage at the moment, I decided to invest in these silicone cupcake molds. They come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and are very easy to find.

I haven’t used them many times but when I have they’ve been great! The mixture goes in easily, and the cakes cook evenly in the molds. When the cakes have finished baking, they pop out of the molds straight away in a lovely shape!


The molds also save you from accidentally eating the paper (oops!) that cupcakes are usually baked in.

The only downside to these is that bits of cake can sometimes stick in the grooves of the molds and refuse to come out when they are being washed!

Apart from that, I definitely recommend that you go out and treat yourself to some.


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Kitchen Must Haves: Icing Tube

Want professional looking cakes?!

Ever struggled getting your icing to look as good as the fancy cupcakes you see in cafes? Ever had your icing dribble down the side of your cake and ruin it?! The big question is, have you ever used an icing tube? If your answer is no, I think you should give yourself a slap on the wrist and buy one asap!

They really don’t cost much at all! You can get throw away ones, or plastic ones. In our house we have a plastic one, however I’m thinking of buying some throw away tubes to see if they’re any good.

These tubes allow you to top your cakes with your own icing nicely. Ready made icing usually comes in a tube anyway so it’s not that much of a problem. But if you make buttercream icing, or egg whites icing then it’s a bit of a struggle to make it look nice on your caked without one of these.

Pretty pink icing tube

Mine was from Wilkinson but you can get them from a lot of other places, especially cooking and craft shops. You can also buy different nozzles so the icing comes out in different patterns. They improve the presentation of your cakes significantly, so go give it a try!

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