Double Choc Chip Wins!

And we have a winner!!

Thank you all for voting! In a previous post I asked you all to vote for which choc chip cookie I should make. I can announce that I will be making double chocolate chip cookies and the recipe will be up tomorrow night.

For those who didn’t vote double chocolate chip, I apologise but there will be another poll up soon for you to vote in!


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Chocolate Chip Choices

Help me decide!

When I next get some spare time in my manic schedule, I am going to make one of my favourite snacks – cookies! I have all the ingredients apart from the choc chips. So, I’m letting YOU decide what choc chips I should buy!

Be sure to vote in time to get your say! You may even get a cookie if you can snap one up before my housemates…

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Kitchen Must Haves: Measuring Spoons

Measuring magic!

If you’re new to baking, or just completely useless with scales and jugs, then I have the perfect kitchen must have to suit your needs… Measuring Spoons!

Bright Pink Measuring Spoons

A lot of recipes are measured in grams and millilitres, but at the same time it’s very easy to find recipes measured in cups. If you just simply Google the recipe and add ‘cups’ on the end, you should find a simplified version of how to make your product.

The spoons that I have range in measurements from  1/4 of a teaspoon to one whole cup (235ml). And these spoons have the equivalent of a millilitre measurement next to the cup size. Genius!

Whether you’re a master or a disaster at baking, I seriously recommend you invest in a set of these cups! Go Go Go!!!

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Step by step: Marvellous Macaroons

Only for the skilled chef…

I’m not going to lie, I found these little buggers very difficult to make! It took me two attempts to make them and I still wasn’t satisfied with my efforts.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did the first time I made them… DO NOT USE CHOPPED ALMONDS! Use ground almonds, or put them in a food processor. That is the main point you need to know! Oh, apart from the fact they are very scrummy.

The world’s most exclusive of baked confections has gone mainstream in the UK. There are ranges of the French sweet snack at Waitrose, Selfridges and Harrods. With the average price being £1.50-£2.00 per macaroon, you are best off making them yourself!

Give them a go and see if you do a better job than me! Good luck!


You will need:

★ 125g of icing sugar
★ 165g of ground almonds
★ 3 egg whites
★ 55g of caster sugar
★ ¼ tsp of vanilla extract

Follow this simple step by step guide to make your macaroons!

Step one: Weigh all of your ingredients, line two baking trays with greaseproof paper and preheat the oven to gas mark 2.

Step two: Sieve the icing sugar and almonds into a bowl and fold them both together.

Step three: In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until they become foamy. Once they have become foamy, add the sugar gradually and the egg whites should thicken.

Step four: Add the vanilla extract and anything else you wish to add to the mixture, and fold it all together.

Step five: Gradually mix in the almonds and icing sugar, and carefully fold everything together.

Step six: Transfer the mixture to an icing tube (if you don’t have one use a strong food bag, and cut a 1cm hole in the corner of it) and pipe it on to the baking sheets in small circles, and place them in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Once they are done, leave them to cool for five minutes. Take them off the paper carefully.

For the next part, you can either stick them together with jam, melted chocolate or icing etc. Personally, I prefer to use a butter and sugar mixture.



You will need:

★ 450g of butter
★ 150 of caster sugar
★ 50 ml of double cream
★ Flavourings and colourings

Here is your second step by step guide for macaroons.

Mixture Guide

Step one: Put the butter, cream and the sugar in a bowl and whisk them together. You should get a creamy soft texture when the mixture is whisked properly. If your texture is slightly grainy whisk in some more butter. Add any food flavourings and colourings desired.

Step two:
Transfer the mixture to icing tube/food bag and squirt it in circular shapes round one of the macaroon halves. If desired, add a layer of jam on top of the mixture for extra flavour.

Step three: Take another macaroon half and place it on top of the icing. Repeat this for the rest of your macaroons.

My pink vanilla flavour macaroons


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Comic Relief Cake Sale

It’s all for fun!

As we all know, Friday 18th March is this year’s Comic Relief – so I thought I’d lend a helping hand by using my baking skills to raise money for charity.

Last week, Staffordshire University’s Cheerleading Squad arranged a bake sale to raise money for the charity and for themselves. My housemate, Lindsay, is a member of the Scarlettes and was baking cookies when I come home from lectures one day. So naturally, being the cook-a-holic I am, I was desperate to get involved and show off my baking skills!

After being told what delicious cakes the girls were making, I decided I had to make something different.

I cooked a batch of twelve strawberry cupcakes, and another batch of vanilla and cookie cakes. After making them I still had loads of mixture left and decided to make mini tasters for passers by so they’d be attracted to the cake stalls – and pay more for the cakes!

Photos by Lucie Victoria

After selling the cakes in two different places for three hours, the cheerleaders managed to sell the majority of them, and raised a whopping £160!

Massive well done to the Scarlettes <3


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Indulgent Champagne Truffles

Chocoholic Heaven!

The last time I made these I was 9-years-old and I made them with my nana! Back then, they went surprisingly well for a 9-year-old (who had plenty of help from her grandparents) so I thought there’d be no harm in giving them another shot now I’m 19-years-old!


You will need:

☕ 150g dark
☕ 150ml double
☕ 5g butter
☕ 1tbsp sugar
☕ 5tbsp cocoa powder
☕ 3tbsp champagne
☕ pinch of salt
☕ chocolate pieces for decoration

Follow this simple step by step guide on how to make champagne truffles.

Champagne Truffles Guide

Step one: Put the cream in a pan over a medium heat and let it heat up. Once it is heated, add the butter until it mixes in. Whilst you’re waiting, break the chocolate into pieces and place it in a mixing bowl, and when the mixtures has cooled slightly, pour it over the chocolate and mix it in.

Step two: Add the salt, sugar and champagne to the mixture and whisk until everything is blended together.

Step three: Pour the mixture into a serving dish and leave it in the fridge over night so it can set properly. It may be very runny but it will set within a few hours.

Step four: Remove the truffles from the fridge the next day and scoop small spoonfuls up and place them on a plate of cocoa powder and sprinkle some powder over them.

Step Five: Once they are covered, place them in truffle cases and add a variety of chocolate chips for decoration!

Yummy Truffles! 

These are the truffles that I made earlier. The mixture made about 30-40 truffles so you will have more than enough to share with your friends.

I simply topped them with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate chips. I also used a few dark chocolate shavings to make them look nicer.

However if you prefer you can also use chocolate sprinkles.

Remember, there are many different types of truffles you can make! To change the flavour of them swap the champagne for rum, brandy or red wine. You can also add a handful of nuts into the mixture of even shavings of orange peel if you’d rather not use alcohol.

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