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Double Choc Chip Wins!

And we have a winner!!

Thank you all for voting! In a previous post I asked you all to vote for which choc chip cookie I should make. I can announce that I will be making double chocolate chip cookies and the recipe will be up tomorrow night.

For those who didn’t vote double chocolate chip, I apologise but there will be another poll up soon for you to vote in!


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Chocolate Chip Choices

Help me decide!

When I next get some spare time in my manic schedule, I am going to make one of my favourite snacks – cookies! I have all the ingredients apart from the choc chips. So, I’m letting YOU decide what choc chips I should buy!

Be sure to vote in time to get your say! You may even get a cookie if you can snap one up before my housemates…

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Favourite Dessert?

Dinner Time!

I’m off to Frankie & Benny’s tonight with my boyfriend for our valentine’s day meal. I chose F&B’s as I don’t think there’s a very good choice of nice restaurants in Stoke. Another reason I love Frankie and Benny’s is because of the delicious brownies I have EVERY time I go! I’m quite fussy about desserts and I’m not a big fan of ice cream so brownies are a great choice for me.

Soooo, what’s your favourite dessert?

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