Step By Step: Double Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate overload!

Like I promised here is a delicious double chocolate chip recipe for you to follow. It’s extremely simple and doesn’t take long to complete. So why don’t you treat your family with a batch of homemade cookies!


You will need:

❤ 150g of flour
❤ 125g of chocolate
❤ 50g of cocoa
❤ 125g of butter
❤ 100g of caster sugar
❤ vanilla extract
❤ 1 egg
❤ 400g of white and milk
choc chips (dark choc chips
are optional)

Here is a simple step by step guide of how to make double chocolate chip cookies! 

Step by step guide


Step one: Cream the butter and sugar in a bowl until it is smooth, creamy, and lump free.

Step two: Break up the chocolate into small pieces, and place them in a bowl. Sit the bowl over a pan of boiling water and stir it until the chocolate melts.

Step three: Beat in the vanilla extract and the egg and whisk for three minutes. Whilst whisking, gradually sprinkle in the cocoa powder.

Step Four: Add the chocolate chips and the flour to the mixture. This might take a while to mix in as the mixture becomes very thick.

Step Five: Scoop the cookie mix out equally and place on the lined baking tray leaving a 5cm gap between each cookie as they will expand in the oven. Leave them in the oven for around twenty minutes, then leave them to cool on a plate.

Delicious cookies!


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  1. Amy

    YUMYUM, these were delish :) xxx

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