Comic Relief Cake Sale

It’s all for fun!

As we all know, Friday 18th March is this year’s Comic Relief – so I thought I’d lend a helping hand by using my baking skills to raise money for charity.

Last week, Staffordshire University’s Cheerleading Squad arranged a bake sale to raise money for the charity and for themselves. My housemate, Lindsay, is a member of the Scarlettes and was baking cookies when I come home from lectures one day. So naturally, being the cook-a-holic I am, I was desperate to get involved and show off my baking skills!

After being told what delicious cakes the girls were making, I decided I had to make something different.

I cooked a batch of twelve strawberry cupcakes, and another batch of vanilla and cookie cakes. After making them I still had loads of mixture left and decided to make mini tasters for passers by so they’d be attracted to the cake stalls – and pay more for the cakes!

Photos by Lucie Victoria

After selling the cakes in two different places for three hours, the cheerleaders managed to sell the majority of them, and raised a whopping £160!

Massive well done to the Scarlettes <3



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2 responses to “Comic Relief Cake Sale

  1. Lindsay

    thank you very much for your cakes! they disappeared fast! i hope you enjoyed making the cakes and we really appreciate your amazing contribution :)

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