Bake in the box…THE RESULT!


Okay, so earlier I baked the ‘bake in the box’ bread that I mentioned yesterday.

I followed the method correctly so I presumed the bread would turn out fine! Unfortunately, it didn’t rise very much, therefore it was quite gooey in the middle.

Also, it tasted very, very, very salty! I mean, I am a massive fan of salt, and my friends laugh at how much salt I have on my food, so you would think that I’d like it!

I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these mixes unless it’s the cake one, as that one could turn out different.

Here is the finished product!

Seeded bake in the box loaf



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4 responses to “Bake in the box…THE RESULT!

  1. Amy

    Not gonna lie, this doesn’t look too appealing…
    And I can safely say that..

    They weren’t. Having tried it myself. I wouldn’t go back.

    Much prefer the sausage rolls :) xxx

  2. looks lovely… maybe try banana bread next time?? ;D x

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