Kripsy Kreme Cravings!

Doughnut noms…

I took a trip to my local Tesco today to buy some essentials, and whilst taking the usual route round the store I noticed something different out of the corner of my eye. As I was in a rush, I was going to carry on round, but instead I turned back and was faced with the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Tesco. Facing me was a delicious Krispy Kreme’s stand!

Now, I’m not a massive fan of doughnuts, however I’m a massive sucker for Krispy Kreme’s! Being in such a rush and stuck with so many choices, I thought I’d treat myself to a box of twelve doughnuts!

My box of twelve doughnuts!

As much as I didn’t want to share, I couldn’t manage them all myself so I had to give a few away! jam doughnuts are my least favourite so they were the first to go. But with so many varieties I wanted to eat them all!

Here are a few of my favourite doughnuts.

PS – Be careful – you may find yourself drooling over the page!

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